Quantico CTF 2019

I did a CTF today a the Quantico Cyber Hub in Stafford, VA. I work with employees of one of the sponsors, GRIMM, and they got me an invite where they hosted this thing at their new offices outside the Washington beltway.

Even though I got there a few hours late, I tagged up with coworker Alex and we formed team flavortown and managed to get 3rd place. Coincidently, we both wore the same tshirt. It was one we both had from a conference. As far as I know, we were the only team with matching shirts.

The event featured GRIMM’s “Howdy Neighbor” CTF among others. I’ve seen this at ShmooCon but I’ve never actually attempted it. It’s a well made and fun CTF featuring IoT devices and a model house. There are enough easy challenges that beginners can jump right in. There are also plenty of hints in the documentation to point you in the right direction. If it arrives at a conference near you, I hightly recommend spending some time going for some flags and chatting up the people at the GRIMM both.