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I moved to northern Virginia in 2008 after graduating from college and I've been developing software professionally ever since. I grew up in Hampton Roads, Virginia. My first computer was an x86 Cyrix processor (the company doesn't exist anymore) running at a blistering 90 MHz. I do a lot of web application development these days. My favorite language at the moment is Python, although Ruby is winning me over.

Want me to do development or design work for you? Awesome. Get in touch with me over on the contact page. Or take a look at some of the stuff I've done in the past.


MS Computer Science, The Johns Hopkins University, 2011.

BS Computer Science, James Madison University, 2008.

Work Experience

2008 - Present

Senior Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin

May 2007 - August 2007

Intern, Transparent Logic

Stuff I'm pretty good at

Stuff I'm okay at, but I don't like

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Uhh... okay.

Twitter: @austinkeeley
The Facebook: austin.keeley
GitHub: austinkeeley
LinkedIn: Austin Keeley

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Emacs or Vim?

Vim. Every year I make at least one attempt to learn emacs but eventually I start modifying the config file and I realize that I'm using vim to edit it. I even have my .vimrc file uploaded to GitHub so I can take it with me.

For larger Java projects, I'll use Eclipse and for Windows C# and C++ development, I'll use Visual Studio.

Can I hire you to build my website or code my startup?

Sure. Find me on the social media, or hit me up on my contact page.