ShmooCon 2017 Retrospective

I went to ShmooCon!

I’ve always wanted to attend but tickets are limited and incredibly hard to get. I was finally able to secure 2 barcodes this year so I passed one off to my friend, Ed, and we hopped on the metro to Dupont Circle.


The easiest way to get kicked out of the conference is take photos without permission. There’s a two strike policy on this; unfortunately that means I don’t have any photos of the conference. There were some interesting people and displays but I was going to respect the privacy of the attendees.

The vibe I got was that this was a gathering of good natured people and there wasn’t going to be much cover for illegal or blatantly malicious activities (I still wasn’t going to use the ATM in the lobby, however).

After 3 days of talks and shenanigans, I made a few retrospective notes.

Overall, it was pretty awesome. If I can get a barcode for next year, I’m definitely going back. There are a few other hacker cons being scheduled that I might attend in the meantime, including BSides DC and, of course, DEF CON.

Image credits: Dupont Circle Station, Wikimedia Commons